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A wholly owned factory in France for top quality ASS

Unimold chose to locate its after-sales service (ASS) department in France. The Mousset plant in the Loir-et-Cher Region has the ability to handle requests for mold modifications, adjustments, repairs, and maintenance with the same standards of quality and accuracy as our production plant.

Your unique contact at Unimold remains the same, thus ensuring a smooth and simple exchange. In case of modifications or adjustments, our French team will carry out a technical analysis and costing before their implementation. It is also possible for us to intervene directly on the customer’s site.

The MECASUP plant has an assortment of machines with 5 axes ability that can work with plastic injection molds up to 5T.

Depending on the problem, we make the parts in-house, for increased responsiveness and better cost management. On a case by case basis, we are able implement a portion of the modifications in China (mold inserts) and finalise them in France to limit the cost.

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