Do you really own the plant in China? Is it authorised to own a factory in China without a partner?

Unimold Asia wholly owns its Chinese production site. Our factory is a 100% foreign company, as are  other more well-known brands such as AUDI and L’Oréal, etc.

What is your added value over the Chinese mold makers?

In China, you can find everything and at all prices. We represent an alternative solution between a 100% Chinese company and a trading company based in your country. Thanks to our Chinese installation, we have total control of what we produce, including the sources of our components, production methods, controls, and planning and due to our origins, we are able to fully understand our customers’ requirements, and communicate simply and efficiently.

Are your prices all inclusive?

As for transportation, you have the choice of free on board (FOB) China or delivered duty paid (DDP) directly to you. In the case of FOB, you must arrange transportation and importation. In the case of DDP, we deliver to you at no extra cost.

For the production of the mold, three trials out tests are generally included with adjustments and touch-ups carried out. We also include sending you a dozen parts after each test phase. The customer must provide for the purchase of plastic raw material. We always insist on testing the mold using the mass production material. This cost is usually not included in the quotation phase because we do not have this information at that time.

How does the project unfold?

For each plastic injection mold project undertaken, we start by analysing the part and make a pre-study of the mold to rule out the maximum amount of future problems and suggest ways to optimise production.

Once the 3D design of the part is complete, we begin the mold study according to the customer’s specifications. This study will be sent for approval before initiating steel purchases and machining. During the machining phase, every Monday morning a follow-up will take place including the sending of the latest pictures and an updated schedule.

We will then proceed to make the first trial. A test report and the molded parts will be sent. The mold will be adjusted according to the various feedback remarks through to the validation of the part’s geometry and operating the tooling.

Export represents the final phase of the project. We carry out the final tests and controls before creating the mold. All documents are communicated.

Who will be my contact?

A single unique contact person is responsible for each project. All our project managers are engineers specialised in plastics, providing an effective technical dialogue. He will be the sole contact from the beginning of the study phase to the final export phase.

What is the procedure if there is a problem with the mold?

Chaque cas est différent, mais nous commençons toujours par un état de la situation. En fonction de la source du problème, plusieurs solutions sont possibles. Il est par exemple possible d’envoyer des pièces du moule, si le problème est localisé. Ou si le moule est en Europe, il peut être également envoyé dans notre atelier en France.

How can I send you a costing request?

You can contact us via the online form on our website or directly by email joining the digitalised model data and the specifications (type of steel, type of injection, etc.)

What type of insurance have you taken out?

We have a number of different types of insurance. For the factory, we have insurance against common incidents such as floods and fire. For the molds we export, we hold a civil liability insurance.

This type of insurance is uncommon in China. Many companies do not take out insurance because it is not mandatory.

Are the plastic parts made in China representative of those produced in your factory?

This is one of our primary objectives. Even though there will always be a slight difference as each press is different. We try to adhere as close as possible to serial production conditions in your factory. With this in mind, we have several presses and all the necessary peripherals in place (oven, dryer, etc.) As for material, we make it our priority to always have the right material and not rely on an equivalent.

How long does it take for you to make a mold study?

We usually require one to two weeks. However, a delay may take place if we lack information or if we need to discuss certain aspects with you.

Can you modify a 3D part?

Yes, we can finalize a 3D part drawing. However, we do not usually work with native files so we don’t make big changes. We can make some simple changes like draft angles and parting lines.

What do you receive in your mold package?

The plastic injection mold is delivered with a project package that includes 2D drawings of the complete mold printed on A0 paper, detail 2D drawings of its main elements, and electrodes along with some spare parts such as ejectors and o-ring. Molds are delivered greased, which then require a degreasing, or they are delivered vacuum packaged, in which case no cleaning is necessary.

Are you able to carry out rheology studies?

Yes, we have a person on-staff fully trained in such procedures. We can perform filling and deformation studies.

Do you have experience with bi-injection molds?

Yes, we have experience with bi-material molds. Notably, we produce bi-injection molds with overmolding either in the same mold or by tandem press. We also create bi-injection molds with core back system. You can find more information in this section.

Have you ever produced multi-cavity molds?

Yes, we regularly produce molds of up to 16 cavities.

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