Plastic injection mold maker

Unimold, your mold toolmaker

For more than 15 years, we have been supporting our customers in their mould making projects as a toolmaker for plastic injection moulding.

Unimold has two production sites.
The first is our own factory in China, south of Shanghai in the province of Zhejiang, with a team of 60 people who are experts in plastics processing.
In order to ensure optimal quality and responsiveness, we have integrated a design office, a machining workshop and a test centre and two control centres.

In France (Loir-et-Cher), we have our own workshop providing customer service for Europe.

We can internally guarantee every step of the production process of plastic injection molds without any intermediaries.

Why choose Unimold
as the toolmaker for your mold?

Excellence in customer experience is our main goal.

As a plastic injection mold maker, we guarantee the highest quality toolings, designed and controlled for maximum service life and productivity. All of our component suppliers of steel, hot runner and so forth, are selected and audited by us.

We work hand in hand with our customers. A unique technical contact is in charge of each project, providing services, advice, responsiveness, and transparency.

We provide complementary bonus services such as plastic injection simulation, jig creation, and dimensional inspection, enabling us to anticipate and adjust the final mold. As an expert in plastics, we can provide various services required during the production launch of the plastic part.

Thanks to our 100% European management team and means of production in China and France, Unimold ensures quality service at competitive rates. 

Our expertise

At Unimold, we have expertise from A to Z in the manufacture of plastic injection molds and state-of-the-art machines at our workshop and test and control centres.

We have the ability to design and manufacture tooling for plastic parts – technical or dimensional, as well as the molds with two plates, three plates, bi-material injection, gas assisted injection… or even overmolding.

We handle projects for the automotive, electronics and consumer goods industries along with many other business sectors.

Through our subsidiary Prototech we also offer the production of customised plastic prototypes.


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