Components for plastic injection molds

Custom manufacturing of mold components

We offer a subcontracting solution for the custom manufacturing of injection mold components (non-standard mold components). Our production capabilities in China allow us to manufacture different types of tooling parts at a lower cost and in a timely manner (generally from 3-4 days): mold bases, steel pins, special ejector pins, sliders, wear plates etc.

Be it for replacement parts or the manufacturing of a new mold, we work with several types of high-quality steel (carefully checked with our suppliers).

As for the design of our injection molds, we work from your 3D files and your 2D drawings (with tolerances). Our internal design department carries out an accurate analysis of your parts before launching them into production.

Our + :

– Custom components at a lower cost
– Shipping from 5 days
– Precision (hundredth)
– Guaranteed quality (latest generation machines, HSC, 5-axis machining)

Below are some examples of mold components that we manufacture:

Cores and cavities
Steel pins
Special ejector pins

Equivalents of standard components

For some mold components we also offer equivalents of standards like Hasco, Meusburger, Cumsa and DME standards. These equivalents are cheaper but equally qualitative. We work with audited and controlled Chinese suppliers. We systematically check the parts internally before delivery.

We usually supply:

Latch locks, date stamps, interlocks, guide pin, water & oil fast coupling, spring lifters, racks, slider retainer etc.

Our + :

– High-quality standard equivalents
– 15 years in China, audited suppliers
– Quality Control