Materials injected with…exoticism.

At Unimold we have been carrying out more than one hundred projects every year, some requiring uncommon materials. There is not only fibre and talc in plastic ! Crushed coffee caps, metal, wood, … also stir together very well.

Rich in ... coffee !

A material which attract !

For a recycling project, we designed a mold for a material made out of crushed coffee caps and PP. Releasing  a smell of coffee in the workshop during the transformation process, the result reveals a relatively homogeneous part.

Loaded with metal flakes, the injected parts using the material are magnetizable.

Attracting !

A natural wooded part

A load imitating ceramic

Made of wood, this PP imitates wood finish.

A natural and ecological touch !

With an important load of 40% mineral with terephtalate polybutylene + PET (PBT + PET) and a proper graining, we get a part very similar to ceramic. The part is heavy with a slightly granular touch, close to raw ceramic finish.