The key role of the plastic injection mold prototype

Do you have a project to produce complex plastic parts? Do you want to make serial molds or prototype plastic injection molds? Do your sales and marketing teams rapidly need prototype parts?

Discover one of the solutions proposed by Unimold, the manufacture of a plastic injection mold prototype. Within a few weeks, we are able to produce at low cost between a dozen and a hundred parts.

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What is a prototype for a plastic injection mold?

A prototype mold is used to make injection part prototypes. The latter are representative of future parts resulting from a series tooling. The purpose of a prototype mold is to minimise both the investment and the production time.

To create this prototype mold, the mold makers generally make single-cavity molds with the simplest possible mechanical structure having manual movements for the undercuts if any exist.

For the purpose of reducing time and cost, aluminium is commonly used, due to being faster to machine. This is referred to as an aluminium mold. This is the most efficient solution because it allows producing plastic prototype parts made of “good material“. The obtained parts are identical to those injected in series.

Why make a plastic injection mold prototype?

During the production of a series mold, adjustments and changes can become very difficult (even impossible), and especially costly.

The prototype mold enables validating the design and geometry of the part 100%, unlike other prototyping methods that are not as reliable.

The prototype mold can also rapidly provide a pre-series of plastic parts for commercial or even marketing purposes.

Unimold designs and manufactures your prototype mold

We have implemented for our customers the production of prototypes for plastic injection molds. This provides our customers with prototype parts rapidly, at low cost and with a quality close to the final parts.

Unimold is capable of producing roughly 10 to 100 parts within a few weeks using molds 40% to 60% less expensive than a series mold. This mold is not exportable and only provides a small amount of parts.