Bi-injection tooling for automotive sector

We have recently designed several bi-injection tools for the automotive sector. For this purpose, we developed the capacity of our testing department with the integration of a second injection barrel on our 600T machine. A a bi-injection specialist, it was crucial for us to make this investment, as part of our ‘ready to use’ delivery policy.

Parts for the automotive sector

Right above is one of the bi-injection molds we design for our client in the automotive sector. This parts was injected with PP (PP GF30) for the insert and TPE for over-molding.

Bi-injection testing

For this project, we were able to perform the tryouts in our test center. For that, we equipped our 600T injection machine with a second barrel. We are now able to perform some bi-injection molding tests in production conditions. This second barrel is located on the top but we additionally placed another holding plate with a hot runner, we can also simulate a second injection :

– on the operator opposite side like a Babyplast

– on the back of the mould like Billon injection machine

On top of this new in-house equipment, we are still working with an external test center equipped with rotary plates machines and rear injection barrels.